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Prophetic word from Doug Wentz

2020 prophecy and the sign of Bishop Jim Swilley

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I honor the passing of Reinhard Bonnke. Ten years ago this month another great general of the faith passed on, Oral Roberts. Reinhard Bonnke passing marks "the surprising power" of oppressed peoples taking their equality. The power of partial revelation passes away that greater clarity and 20/20 vision will come.


It will be a time a spiritual opposites...instead of the oppressed dying away the "spirit" and disposition of the oppressors will die away. Equilibrium will bring up all marginalized peoples, but I will use Oral Roberts son to stand in proxy as an example.


Oral Roberts son Ronnie was gay, as is his grandson Randy. Oral Roberts and the culture he cultivated, dehumanized the gay community to the point where Ronnie committed suicide, and Randy almost did as well. I prophesy that the passing of Reinhard Bonnke is a sign and a wonder that the oppressed will rise up and take their place of equality and it won't be through militance but it will be due to the anointing shining through the eyes and it will be exactly as when the soldiers came for Jesus and he said "I AM he" and they fell back.


The powerful spiritual army that is being raised up through Bishop Jim Swilley and his meditation weekends, are a beginning of things to come, things that will change the world's understanding of reality and orientation and equality and what it means to be "of God."


Noone will be able to deny the power of the Spirit, and while the current celebrated Apostles and Prophets of the Christian world who are gay will refuse, they will refuse to come out of the closet because they know they will lose their income, so God is calling forth the ones who have nothing to lose to change this world for his mighty name which is his nature which is the Christ in every human form.


Bishop Jim Swilley, you know this experientially... Zephaniah 3:19 says "Behold, at that time I will deal with all who afflict you; I will save the lame, And gather those who were driven out; I will appoint them for praise and fame In every land where they were put to shame."


A meditation now as we say together: noone is condemned and all are honored...all have done as they've "seen the Father do," but perception will now change to 20/20 vision... the surgery will cut deep into racism and all of the many forms of denial that change is needed, the light will make deep incisions into the human substance of the heart that says "shut up quit talking about it, you're over exaggerating what's happening," the mouth of this kitten will be shut. The lion will roar, and the world will see what true might really is.


Where the word "different" was a cuss word, it will now be a portal into great celebration of all of the riches that this earth and its people in all forms have to offer one another. Just as a battered wife is bitter for a season before full healing, so marginalized oppressed people will take a time to heal, but their celebrants will lead the way of love and uprising through the great power of identity. It will be similar to, yet the opposite Spirit of, the great slaughter in Haiti where the oppressed black slaves use machetes to destroy all of the white people. Love in this case and in this era will be the sword that brings the fatal blow to the dragon, the corporate hierarchy whose collective soul has searched God as to how to kill the worm that is eating away at it. Before this manifests, events must happen first that will appear to be business as usual. Just as Jesus ministered for three years without being captured, yet the day he beat the money changers in the temple with a whip, the next day he was apprehended and killed... yet in that case and in this case the resurrection is the God movement and the whole purpose of all of these great adventures and calamities.


See the sign in Isaiah 20:3-4, "Then the Lord said, “Just as my servant Isaiah has gone stripped and barefoot for three years, as a sign and portent against Egypt and Cush,[a] 4 so the king of Assyria will lead away stripped and barefoot the Egyptian captives and Cushite exiles, young and old, with buttocks bared—to Egypt’s shame."


Just as the prophet's nakedness was a sign of the coming time of the regions nakedness, so the signposts of oppression (ministers who did not know they had it) disappearing is a sign of Oppression itself disappearing.


Global Consciousness, here we come.

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