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1. AGAIN, CONGRATULATIONS!  For information about choosing your date and getting it on Bishop’s calendar, check out the previous page and links.


2. IF YOU FIND YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR DATE AT ANY TIME!  Call Bishop. Obviously, there could be a calendar conflict but call as soon as possible.


3. OUR CEREMONY WILL BE HELD OUTSIDE OF GA, are there any considerations we need to plan for?  Most couples offer Bishop hotel accommodations for two, including air travel (if appropriate). Because there may be special state licensing requirements for Bishop to officiate, remember to plan time for him to complete any required documentation.  Contact the office of your local marriage authority or a licensed attorney to address any specific questions or concerns you may have.


4. IS PREMARITAL COUNSELING REQUIRED? Though not required, many couples find that attending as many Sunday’s at METRON as possible will allow for Bishop’s unique gift of speaking by the spirit to answer their questions and needs.

5. WE DON’T REALLY KNOW BISHOP, can we schedule a get-to-know-you meeting?  Usually, yes. Contact admin at

6. WHAT WILL BISHOP WEAR? Bishop wears his Bishop’s collar and suit for weddings.

7. WE WILL BE WRITING OUR OWN VOWS, is there anything we need to include?   Personal vows are beautiful. Send a copy to  Bishop is known for his own style of personalized ceremony with or without your own vows. Bishop also knows to add the two elements that need to be included--the declarations of intent: “do you take__________ … I do”, and a pronouncement: “I now pronounce you __________”.

8. SIGNING THE MARRIAGE LICENSE: In all the excitement of your day, it’s easy to overlook getting your license signed. It works best to have the marriage license given to Bishop when he arrives.

9.  WILL BISHOP ATTEND THE REHEARSAL?  Often, Bishop is unable to schedule time to attend the rehearsal. He is very comfortable simply knowing the name of his contact person for when he arrives and he relies on them to answer questions and to guide him on the day of your ceremony. He is also well known for doing exactly what is needed in any “oh my--nobody thought of this!” situation.

10.  WILL BISHOP ATTEND THE RECEPTION? Often, Bishop is unable to schedule time to attend the reception. If your invitation includes a response for plate count, and Bishop can attend, he will let you know.

11.  CAN BISHOP STAY FOR PICTURES?  If your photographer would like to take posed pictures after the ceremony, Bishop is very happy to stay for these. Just let him know.

12.  HOW DO WE DETERMINE HOW MUCH TO GIVE TO BISHOP?  Considering his time to prepare, travel and officiate, a typical amount is $100. It is an offering, and in the same way that rings are exchanged it is an offering that completes the circle of blessing—so bless Bishop as you like. The wedding couple give to him directly (i.e. not to METRON). Please make any check payable to -- Jim Swilley.

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